Mountainoak Cheese - "Two Years Old" Farmstead Premium Dutch Gouda (220g)

Mountainoak Cheese - "Two Years Old" Farmstead Premium Dutch Gouda (220g)

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Has a very smiliar crumbly texture to a parmesan cheese, it's very full flavoured. Has won multiple awards, including 1st place in the Variety Cheese category at the 2015 Royal Winter Fair.

Adam van Bergeijk and his wife Hannie have been dairy farmers for a long time, having taken over the family dairy farm back home in Holland, in the year 1976. Both Adam and Hannie attended the Gouda cheese school in Holland - Adam became a teacher of cheese making himself! In 1996, they emigrated to Ontario with their family, in order to pursue more farming and cheese making opportunities. Once their children grew and took over primary responsibility for the dairy, Adam and Hannie were able to focus on their true passion: crafting premium Dutch gouda cheeses. Mountainoak is a state of the art processing facility that uses milk from their own dairy farm to produce these excellent, high-quality cheeses. Mountainoak is so named for them - the family surname "Van Bergeijk" translates into English as "Mountainoak."



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