Thornloe Cheese - "Casey" Blue Cow's Milk (180g)

Thornloe Cheese - "Casey" Blue Cow's Milk (180g)

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Semi-soft cow's milk cheese, flakey texture with intense blue/green marbling and robust, bold taste. 42% moisture, 28% fat. Made with milk, bacterial culture, penicilium roqueforti, calcium chloride, microbial enzyme, salt. Aged 6 weeks. Great for melting on sirloin or lamb burgers, grilled steaks. Also works well on tasting boards, best paired with craft beers with crisp and earthy flavours. 

Casey blue cheese is named after the township of Casey, in the village of Belle Valle. 

Thornloe Cheese is located in the Temiskaming Valley, in the heart of the Canadian shield and surrounded by the Boreal forest, in Northeastern Ontario. Thornloe uses high quality, fresh milk with old-fashioned cheese making techniques to produce their fantastic, award-winning cheeses. Thornloe began in 1940, and has changed ownership over the decades. It was more recently owned by Parmalat until 2006, and nearing closure, was acquired by farmers and Gencor, who presently run it as a co-operatively owned business.

This producer is a Feast On® certified Preferred Purveyor. Feast On® is a certification program that celebrates businesses committed to sourcing Ontario grown and made food and drink.
6 months, store in refrigerator. 



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